Club Activities

As a member of the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club, you to get to be a part of one of the most active Amateur Radio organizations in Western New York. As you can see, not only do we come together to take part in the hobby, but we spend time as friends and family.

The Lancaster Amateur Radio Club hosts the following activities, just to name a few:
Field Day – A national event run by the ARRL , during the fourth weekend in June. Amateurs all across the nation set up outside in tents and parks and make contacts with as many other Amateurs as possible worldwide. This drill represents the largest test of our preparedness, as well as an event to show friends, family, and members of the public what Amateur Radio is about. Operating from portable equipment, or on emergency power, Hams take to the airwaves in droves to earn points and spend a weekend with each other in person, or over the radio.

This is a big event for the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club. The club often makes a show of setting up camp for the entire weekend. Food, of course, is a major part of any Field Day, and ours is no different. If you plan on coming out, don’t fill up before hand!

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January and June VHF contests – We, as a club, take part in the ARRL VHF contests, sponsored biannually by the ARRL. Running from the W2SO club station, often with member’s projects and equipment, our SSB 2m/70cm and 6M radios try to contact as many radio amateurs as we can on the VHF and UHF bands.
Dunkirk Lighthouse ILLW Station. Every August, W2SO goes to Dunkirk, NY to take part in International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. We start the weekend early, setting up tents and radios right next to the functioning historic Dunkirk Lighthouse. It’s a great time, with fun stories to be had, and, of course, with even better food. It’s a beautiful setting as we are feet from the lake, and get to play radio. It’s one of the premier events for the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club, so don’t miss out.
General Membership Meetings. The first Tuesday of the month, except in June and July, we hold a general membership meeting where we have a program. While programs are often focused on Amateur Radio, the club has hosted programs on Search and Rescue, Scouting, Camping and Survival, and NOAA Skywarn. While membership meetings are open for attendance, with membership comes the priviledge to vote and have your voice heard to bring these programs to you.

Christmas Party. Every December, often on the first Tuesday of the month, the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club hosts an annual holiday party. Club members and their families come together for the holiday season to wish each other well, and enjoy delicious dinner. The Christmas Party also serves as our awards banquet, wherein we recognize the accomplishments of our club members, and thank them for what they do to make LARC as great as it is today. Our newly elected officials are on hand to be sworn in, ushering in the new year for all.

And much more…. The Lancaster Amateur Radio Club hold many things throughout the year. From fox hunts, to emergency drills and radio contests, club members themselves organize both indoor projects and outdoor activities, drawing on an eager and excited group of peers to make them come together. We host work parties to clean the club up, or antenna days to help club members get their stations running at home. Members in our group will lend a hand, knowing that we are there for each other. You will never be bored in this club as a participating member, as we have a place for all interests and likes. If you have something new to bring to the club, we welcome you to explore your interests and share them with us!


We look forward to your application, but, if the information here and on our website is not enough, feel free to contact the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club over the air, talking to any of our club members, or visit us during an open house !