Our radio club is unique because we have a fully equipped clubhouse. Our clubhouse, located at the Town of Lancaster Complex at 525 Pavement Road, is prepared for contesting, disaster coordination, and meetings. Below is just a small sampling of what our facility has to offer:

1)   Radio Room with all-mode HF, VHF, and UHF transceivers for member use

2)   Repeater Room which houses four of our six repeaters that have coverage from Canada and Western and Central New York

3)   High-speed Internet access with wireless networking

4)   Multiple computer and Internet workstations for logging, digital modes, and general web   browsing

5)   Meeting and conference room fully equipped for board meetings and disaster coordination

6)   Lounge and fully-equipped kitchen area

7)   Restroom facilities

8)   Free parking and outdoor recreation area with horseshoe pit

Our state of the art facility is made possible through membership dues, donations, and the hard work of our members. We host bi-annual work parties to keep our facility clean and up-to-date. Our clubhouse is assessable to all members in good standing.

From the clubhouse and grounds, we run the following events:

1)   Field Day

2)   ARRL VHF/UHF & HF Contests

3)   Monthly General Membership Meetings

4)   Technician, General, and Extra licensing classes

5)   Various contests and special events (Fox Hunts, QRP, CW, Digital)

6)   Cookouts and picnics

7)   Emergency communications drills