Wires-X Beginner’s Guide

The Very, Very Basics of using Wires-X in Digital Mode

  1. Download and install all current firmware updates for your radio. If you have not done this in 6 months, it is due.
  2. Download and print the “Advanced Operating Manual including Wires-X function” for each radio you plan on using on the system.
  3. If you have an FT2DR, FT3DR. FTM-100DR, or FTM- 400DR/XDR and plan to use on Wires-X in PDN mode, apply for an account from Yaesu Wires-X website.
  4. Set your call sign on your radio.
  5. Set your Wires-X Frequency to manual mode. (See manual above)
  6. Set a memory channel for the W2SO UHF repeater at 443.850, positive offset,
    with a PL Tone of 107.2
  7. Press or hold your Wires-X button (see manual above for radio specific operation). The handshake between your radio should complete. If not, repeat above.
  8. Listen. If someone is on, wait your turn and say your call sign.
  9. If no one is on and you want to switch rooms, either switch to encode or search direct and find a room to connect to. (See manual above for radio specific operation)
    a. Room Suggestions Include:
    i. Zombie Alert Network (Michigan Repeaters)- 50048
    ii. Texas Nexus- 21636
    iii. MNWis- Minnesota Wisconsin Fusion Link- 21493
    iv. America Link-(you might not be able to disconnect)- 21080
  10. Once connected to a room, say your call sign and get ready. Remember, you are limited to 3 minutes of continuous talk time.
  11. Although your call sign is always transmitted, best practice is to state your call every ten minutes per FCC.
  12. When you are done in the room, disconnect or move the room back the W2SO room- 62312.